[Update: Xbox Announces Change of Plans After Receiving Major Backlash from Gaming Community] Xbox Live Gold Membership Rates Set to Increase

[Updated January 22, 2021 Shortly after announcing the impending price increase for Xbox Live Gold memberships, Xbox announced that they will not be raising rates and instead will be making free to play games available to play without an Xbox Live Gold Membership. Read the full article on Xbox Wire.

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According to Xbox Wire, Xbox will be increasing the Xbox live membership fees. The price change for one month and three might not be so drastic (one month will only increase by $1 and three months will be increasing by $5) but when it comes to six months, the price is off the charts. They will be charging $59.99 for a six month Xbox Live Gold membership. This price jump is just too damn high since before you could get a whole year for that same price.

Price changes for subscriptions services are inevitable and we all know that by now. Take Netflix for example: they raised their rates recently and most people are happy to pay the higher rate because it’s a service people value. (I mean, who could go their whole life without seeing the Witcher’s series am I right, or am I right?) We all know that Xbox requires you to have their Xbox Live service to play any online games and you would think that raising rates is a power grab for more money but I feel like the complete opposite is true.

Xbox has always been a community based system and they truly appreciate all of their users and the time and money we put into their company so why would they raise rates? It’s because of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you get all the features of Xbox Live Gold plus a whole array of games at your fingertips. It even includes EA Game Pass now as well. Xbox is clearly trying to transition players over to Game Pass Ultimate. Maybe it’s because it’s $12.99/month and it means a little more money in their pocket, but I truly think it’s because they want their community to realize that Xbox live is obsolete and Xbox Game Pass is the wave of the future.

So whether you’re a lifetime Xbox fan or just got your first Xbox, I strongly suggest skipping Xbox Live Gold and just jumping straight into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I promise you the extra $2 a month is worth it and you will be thanking me and the Xbox gods for that choice.

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