Xbox’s New Headset Now Up For Pre Order

Xbox is set to release a new headset built for their new consoles. It is already available for pre order on the Microsoft website and will be available March 16th. This new headset will have many new features, including the ability to connect to Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X. It will also have Auto mute technology along with voice isolation reduce background noise. These features will elevate your gaming experience to the next level and also make it easier to communicate with your squad.

With all these great features how could this headset get any better? Well for starters it will be priced at $99. This headset will also let you connect simultaneously with all your Microsoft devices including your phone via Bluetooth. This is great news for anyone who plays games with their friends on other platforms. All you have to do now is start up your game on your console and launch discord on your PC and boom, you’re talking to your buddy who’s playing on his PS5. With voice isolation and auto mute you wont have to worry about random noises coming through your chat since this headset will filter out everything that is not your voice.

Now I know this headset sounds great and all but how does it feel on your head? Which, in my opinion, is probably the most important feature of a headset. Well, with its ultra-soft earcups, adjustable steel band, and lightweight design, this headset looks to be the next best thing. Unfortunately, since I don’t yet own this new headset I cannot give a full honest opinion on how it feels, but if it’s coming from Microsoft I expect it to be up there with the best. Be on the lookout for a full review soon.

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